Thursday, 31 July 2008

A kezdetek/The beginning

Szerdán leadtam a vízumkérelmemet, kis rohangálás után 2-re ott volt minden doksi. Ma 2-kor hívtak, hogy a vízum elkészült, holnap lehet érte menni. Na ez a gyors ügyintézés!

Úgyhogy valamikor augusztus 14-15 körül fogok repülni, lehet készülni a farewell partyra. :)

Wednesday I submitted my visa application, after some document-chasing by 2 PM everything was there. Today at 2 they called me that my visa is ready, tomorrow I can pick it up. Well, this IS a FAST process!

So I will fly around 14-15th August, you can start to prepare for the farewell party. :)


Geraldine said...

Maso! i am so happy for you !! hugs kisses and all my best wishes !!

wish you an amazing time exploring the world 'maso style'


Jaq - Jakab Zoltán said...

Kíváncsi vagyok, mikor adod fel azt, hogy 2 nyelven írsz :D

Amúgy üdv a klubban!

I wonder when will you give up writing in 2 languages :D

Anyways, welcome to the club!

Bea said...

Hey Tamás :)

congrats for everything :D

i don't promise that i will read ur blog, but write me a resume monthly... :P (u asked the same from me... :D )

have fun at home :) and wish u as good farewell as my last one was :D


Bárbara said...

hey! nice that you will share your internship here! :)

I liked you in my blog... so I can follow your adventures in the other side of the world ;)

Enjoy Australia!

And let us know about the farewell party