Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Na, erre szivesen toboroznek :)

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Husveti szunet / Easter holiday

Vegre, mar csak 10 nap es lesz 10 nap szabim. Tegnap meg kialakult a program is! 3-an irany Cairns, 4-7 buvartanfolyam, 2 nap- 4 merülessel a nagy korallzatonynal, 8-9 Dzsungeltura es krokodilnezes 10-12 meg valszeg nehany sziget a kornyeken, napozas strand es irany vissza Sydney. Mar nagyon varom!

Finally, only 10 days left and I will have 10 days holiday! Yesterday I finalized the program as well! 3 - Go to Cairn, 4-7 scuba diving course 2 days - 4 dives at the Great Barrier Reef, 8-9 Jungle tour and crocodile watching, 10-12 most probably visiting some islands in the area, sunbathing, beach and going back to Sydney. I am greatly looking forward to it!

Monday, 23 March 2009

Forma 1 / Formula 1

Hetvegen Ausztral Nagydij, Melbourne-ben. Vasarnap en is ott leszek! :)

Weekend, Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne. I will be there on Sunday too! :)

Thursday, 12 March 2009


An American decided to write a book about famous churches around the world. So he bought a plane ticket and took a trip to Orlando , thinking that he would start by working his way across the USA from South to North.

On his first day he was inside a church taking photographs when he noticed a golden telephone mounted on the wall with a sign that read '$10,000 per call'. The American, being intrigued, asked a priest who was strolling by what the telephone was used for. The priest replied that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000 you could talk to God. The American thanked the priest and went along his way.

Next stop was in Atlanta . There, at a very large cathedral, he saw the same looking golden telephone with the same sign under it. He wondered if this was the same kind of telephone he saw in Orlando and he asked a nearby nun what its purpose was. She told him that it was a direct line to heaven and that for $10,000 he could talk to God. 'O.K., thank you,' said the American .

He then travelled all across America , Europe, England , Japan , New Zealand .In every church he saw the same looking golden telephone with the same '$US10,000 per call' sign under it.

The American decided to travel to Australia to see if Australians had the same phone. He arrived at the Gold Coast, in Australia and again, in the first church he entered, there was the same looking golden telephone, but this time the sign under it read '40 cents per call.'

The American was surprised so he asked the priest about the sign. 'Father, I've travelled all over the world and I've seen this same golden telephone in many churches. I'm told that it is a direct line to Heaven, but in all of them price was $10,000 per call.

Why is it so cheap here?'

The priest smiled and answered, '

You're in Australia now, son - it's a local call'.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Kulturalodas / Getting cultured

Az elmult hetekben tobb kulturalis elmenyben is volt reszem. Egyreszt lattam a Benjamin Button Kulonos eletet (nem ertem miert jeloltek sok Oscarra, bar az ausztral kollegaknak nagyon tetszett, hiaba, mas az angolszasz izles :) meg a Watchmen-t (szep es erdekes film, bar sztem el kell olvasnom a kepregenyt is, h teljesen megertsem mirol szolt :)).

A Szulinapomon voltam magyar etteremben, ahol jofajta Tokajit ittam, brassoit ettem es haverok megleptek egy csillagszoros gundel palacsintaval. Olyan volt mint otthon, ugyhogy orultem neki, bar a nagy-magyarorszagos ereklyek a falon meg a terkepek engem kicsit frusztraltak, szerencsere, mas kozep-europai nem volt az etteremben :) Utana meg mentunk kicsit bulizni egy rendes ir pubba, ahol a "U2" jatszott, 4-5 szamot toltak, de azt nagyon jol. Elevation... :)

Emellett voltam gorog etteremben is, isteni a rendes gorog kaja, hatalmas jo fejek voltak a pincerek is (mindenhez annyi evoeszkozt/poharat hoztak, amennyien voltunk, mert nyilvan mindent kozosen eszunk, imadtam :)) utana pedig egy Ausztral egyuttes, a Cat Empire koncertjen. Hat beszaras jo koncert volt (bar ausztral modi szerint szinhazban volt es ultunk), ejjel meg gyorsan le is toltottem 3 albumot iTunesrol :) Azota is non-stop azt hallgatom. You Tube-on erdemes belehallgatni!!!

Februarban-Marciusban sporolas, az ejtoernyos tanfolyam 2000 dollarba fog fajni sajna uj arak szerint :( es aprilisban meg lesz STOMP koncert!!! Vegre 4 ev utan erre is eljutok, mar nezem mikor lehet lefoglalni a jegyeket :D Persze meg aprilisban husveti szunetkor 1 het szabi, meg ki kell talalni hova utazom meg kivel. Komoly dilemma am ez :)

I had a couple of cultural experiences in the last few weeks. First, I saw the Curious Case of Benjamin Button (I do not understand why was it nominated for many Oscars, however my Australian colleagues liked it, Anglo-Saxon tasteJ) and the Watchmen (nice and interesting movie, however I think I have to read the comic book as well to fully understand itJ)

On my birthday I was in a Hungarian restaurant, I drank great Tokaji, stew “Brasso” style and my mates surprised me with a Gundel style pancake with sparklers. It was as good as it is at home, however the Big-Hungary relics and maps on the wall were a bit frustrating, luckily, nobody else was from Central Europe J After that we went to party a bit to an original Irish pub, where “U2” was playing, they played 4-5 songs, but it was awesome! Elevation… J

Besides these, I have been to a Greek restaurant as well, original Greek food is amazing, the waiters were hilarious (they always brought as many cutlery/glasses as we were, as of course we would like to share all the food we order, loved it! J) then we went to a concert of a famous Australian band called The Cat Empire. It was a fucking cool concert (although it was in a theatre and we were sitting – Australian style) so during the night I downloaded 3 albums from iTunes and I am listening to it since then! It very much worth to check it on You Tube!

February-March is more about saving money, the parachuting course will cost app. $2000 according to the new prices L And in April there will be STOMP concert, so after 4 years I can see them as well J And of course during Easter holiday I will have a week vacation, so we have to decide where and with whom to travel. It is a tough decision! J

Osztonzorendszer / Incentive system

Tegnap bejelentettek az uj osztonzo-rendszert. A szepsege az, hogy az almult 2,5 honap munkajanak eredmenyet is megvaltoztatja - visszamenoleg. Az irodaban a bejelentest 30 perc nema kuss es hullaszag fogadta (ebbol mar sztem kitalaljatok mennyire "osztonzo"). Lenyeg a lenyeg, a bonuszok 20-50%-kal csokkennek, ami fejenkent tobb ezer dollar kiesest jelent. Koszonjuk!

Yesterday the new incentive plan was announced. The beauty of it that it changes the results of our last 2,5 months work. After the announcement the office was completely silent for about 30 minutes (so you can guess, how "motivating" it is). In essence, the bonuses are dropping by approx. 20-50%, which means thousands of dollars loss for everybody. Thank you!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

You know you have been in Australia too long if...

You understand the expression "the bigger the hat, the smaller the farm".The shorter the nickname you give to someone, the more you like them.You know it's not a genuine Australian saying unless it involves a paddock, a lizard, or a rat.
You think a flash sports car driven by a middle-aged man should not incite envy - as in America - but hilarity.
It's not a picnic without a bull-ant climbing up your arse.
You refer to your best friend as "a total bastard", while your worst enemy is "a bit of a bastard".
Whether it?s the opening of Parliament, or the launch of a new art gallery, there is no event which cannot be improved by the addition of a sausage sizzle or a barbecue.
You expect all hamburgers must contain beetroot.
You think it's better to be down on your luck than up yourself.
You interpret the phrase ?we?ve got a great lifestyle? as meaning everyone in the family drinks too much.
If the bloke next to you is swearing like a wharfie, he?s probably a media billionaire. Or possibly a wharfie.
You understand there isn't a single food which cannot be improved by the application of tomato sauce.
People with red hair should always be nicknamed ?Blue?, just as short people should be labelled ?Lofty?.
On the beach, you hide your keys and wallet by placing them inside their sandshoes. No thief has ever worked this out. Australia has some really stupid thieves, (or really stinky sandshoes).
Industrial design knows of no article more useful than the milk crate.
You can't work out why all the best heroes are losers.
You think the Alpha male in any group is he who takes the barbeque tongs from the hands of the host, and blithely begins turning the snags.
You don't think it's summer until the steering wheel is too hot to hold.
You like the beer served so cold it makes your ears hurt.
You think a thong is not a piece of scanty swimwear, as in America, but a fine example of footwear. Thus a group of sheilas wearing black rubber thongs is no longer as exciting as you might once have hoped.
A gum leaf, crushed in the hand, is the best smell ever.
Historians believe that the widespread use of the word ?mate? can be traced to the harsh conditions on the Australian frontier in the 1890s, and the development of a code of mutual aid, or ?mateship?. Alternatively, we may all be just really hopeless with names.
You hope to choose a partner who is attractive not only to yourself, but also to neighbourhood mosquitoes.
If it can?t be fixed using panty-hose and fencing wire, it?s not worth fixing.
All parties, in however grand and well-prepared a house, will be held, cramped and noisy, in the kitchen.
The most popular and widely praised family in the street is the one that just happens to have the swimming pool.
A swallowed fly, while disgusting, must be greeted with the plucky comment: "Um, protein".
We invented everything in the world worth inventing, but then sold the copyright to the Yanks.
You think that smearing toast with a spread that?s black and salty, and which has the appearance of axle-grease, is a good way to start the day.
You think that every older Australian has a bulldust theory involving ants, a Kookaburra laughing and the likelihood of rain, and every theory is the direct opposite of the last one you heard.
If invited to a party, you take cheap red wine, but then spend all night drinking the host?s beer. Don?t worry, he will have catered for it.
If there?s any sort of free event or party within a hundred kilometres, you?d think yourself an idiot not to go.
Every surname, brand-name and motor-car spare part must be shortened to the point of incomprehension, as in the phrase: "If I hadn't stuffed the diff I'd have taken Blacky to Maccas."
You realise the Aeroguard is far, far worse than the flies.
Despite the Geography you think of Australia as being somewhat out of place within the Asia-Pacific region; surrounded by unstable ex-colonial nations who regard you as racist, imperialist, and unfairly wealthy. You regard extreme anti-Australians such as Mahatir Mohammed very irritating.
You regard New Zealanders as basically our naive country cousins, who talk funny and for some bizarre reason, think that they invented pavlova. They are to be pitied and laughed at. They have no hope of gaining the upper hand in the endless sporting rivalry between our two nations.
You think Americans are loud and supremely ignorant of Australia (all they know about us they gained from Mick Dundee); British and Europeans in general are more quiet but pretentious and cowardly.
You've ever mimicked Alf Stewart from the TV show Home and Away's broad, Australian accent, eg. "push off, ya flamin' drongo!"
You've ever had an argument with a friend over whether Ford or Holden makes the better car!
You've done the "hot sand dance" at the beach while running from the ocean back to your towel.
You start using words like "reckon" and call people "mate".
You stop greeting people with "hello" and go straight to the "how ya doin' ?"
You've seriously considered running down to the shops in a pair of Ugg Boots.
You own a pair of ugg boots.
You've been to a day-nighter cricket match and screamed out incomprehensibly until your throat went raw.
You know the national anthem by heart, sing it at every opportunity (sporting events in particular) but don't know what "girt" means.
You have a story that somehow revolves around excess consumption of alcohol and a mate named "Davo" or "Bruce".
You've risked attending an outdoor music festival on the hottest day of the year.
You've tried to hang off a clothesline while pretending you can fly.
You've had a visit to the emergency room after hanging off the clothesline pretending you can fly.
You don't know what's in a meat pie, and you don't care.
You pronounce Australia as "Stralya".
You call soccer soccer, not football.You've ever sucked your coffee through a Tim Tam (for those who don't know, a variety of chocolate biscuit, one allegedly "better than sex").
You realise that lifeguards are the only people who can get away with wearing Speedos.
You pledge allegiance to Vegemite over Promite.
You understand the value of public holidays.Your weekends are spent barracking for your favourite sports team.
You have a toilet dolly.
Your Mum or Nan made it.
You've played beach cricket with a tennis ball and a bat fashioned out of a fence post.
You firmly believe that in the end, everything will be ok, and have told a mate in tough times that "She'll be right, mate".
You use the phrase, "no worries" at least once a day.
You constantly shorten words to "brekkie", "arvo" and "barbie", as well as all names...
You've adopted a local bar as yours.
You know the oath of mateship can never be limited by geographical distance.
You measure a journey in beer, not kilometres or time. (That's a 3 beer trip mate).

Elek / I am alive

Egy honapja nem irtam mar a blogba. Ennek tobb oka is volt, egyreszt a kollegam nem volt 2 heting, ami eros tulorazast es sok munkat jelentett. Megvolt az elso teljes het, amikor elveztem, amit csinalok! (Emellett meg a lakotarsaim is elmentek, szoval tokeletes volt!!!) Masreszt, amint visszajott/visszajottek nem voltam tul jo passzban, ujabb hullama a kulturalis adaptacionak es a frusztracioknak a cegnel, illetve otthon. Szoval ennek eredmenyekent irok most. Jol vagyok, elkezdtem uj melohelyet nezni (persze a cegnel nem tudjak) meglassuk, hogy alakulnak a dolgok. Emellett koncertekre jartam, moziban voltam, de ezekrol mostmar megprobalok visszamenoleg irni, amint befejeztem Uj Zelandot :D. Szoval mar csak par het :)

I have not written anything for a month now. First of all, my colleague was on annual leave for 2 weeks, so I was alone (lots of overtime and extra work). But I had the first week, when I fully enjoyed my job! (also my flatmates went away, so it was perfect!) However as they came back, I had another wave of frustration at the company and at home. If you are interested in the solution, please approach me for a confidential discussion :) besides that I have been on different concerts, movies, I try to catch up with everything - after I finished my post about New Zealand :D So just a couple of week guys :)