Saturday, 2 August 2008


Megvettem a repjegyeket is, úgyhogy augusztus 13-án reggel 9:15-kor elhagyom majd kis hazánkat és 14-én este 8-ra már meg is érkezem majd Sydneybe, 2 átszállással. Asszem egy ideig jó lesz majd, ha nem kell megint repülnöm.

I bought the plane tickets, so I will leave our small country on the 13th August at 9:15AM and I will arrive to Sydney on the 14th at 8PM, with 2 changes. I think it will be good that for a while I do not have to fly again.


mailtovvik said...

Haha sweetheart, I see you kinda love this blog writing stuff - 3 posts in 1 week only, wohahah :)

Make sure we have a 3/4 EB farewell before u go... sorry Szaki, you can get virtual with us!

Lol. Enjoy the preparations.


karuna said...

Oh god! After allll that your finally leaving and I guess it was all worth it.
How you feeling?
Where are u changing? I guess nowhere close to me right?

P.S. U better keep writing in 2 languages or switch to only english if u must but im not good with mailing people to keep in touch so blog in english!

Maso said...

Feeling? wanna leave, excited, looking for my apartment (hard to decide between city-center with cleaning lady and dishwasher or beach without this :)

I will change at Kiev and Bangkok that is the closest, I will spend there 4 hours in the morning.

I will keep the bilingual format as my family does not speak English :)

And what's up with you and Paris???