Monday, 8 September 2008

Péntek / Friday

Na, hát meg is van a válasz a nagy kérdésre, pénteken délelőtt fogok repülni, vasárnap délután érek valószínűleg Sydney-be. És 15-én kezdek.

Farewell party hamarosan! :)

Well, I have the answer for the big question, I will fly on Friday morning, I will arrive to Sydney sometimes around the afternoon on Sunday. And I will start on the 15th.

Farewell party is coming soon! :)


Jaq - Jakab Zoltán said...


Anonymous said...

Wow Maso! Yippie!
Hát csak elmész? :P
Akkor a héten party????

Barbara said...

Finally!!! I´m happy for you! :)

(and finally we´re gonna read stories about Australia here!!! juhuuu!!)

Enjoy last days at home, have a safe trip and all the best in your internship!!

karuna said...

So it did have a happy ending after all! Thank god!

I'm really happy for you and hope you have a good time in australia that makes for an interesting blog. :)

P.S: I was betting with myself who would start their internship first and it seems like you will :)