Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ujabb visszaszamlalas / A new countdown

Megyek haza! Majus 29-cel (elmeletileg) kozos megegyezessel tavozom a cegtol. (Sztori roviden: kozoltem fonokkel, h juliusban lelepnek, o mondta, hogy valszeg valakinek elobb mennie kell, mert nincs penze a cegnek, ugyhogy valszeg en fogok menni, ebben meg is egyeztunk) Egy honapig utazgatni fogok, szoval valoszinuleg juliusban erek Magyarorszagra. Visszaszamlalas indul.

I am going home! On the 29th May (theoretically) I will finish at the company with mutual consent. (Story in a nutshell: I told my boss, I wanna leave in July, he said because of our low budget, somebody may have to go earlier, which might be me, I said fine, so we agreed) I will travel here for a month or so, thus I will arrive to Hungary around July. The countdown has started.


Bárbara said...

cool, so I may still see you in Hungary before I leave :)

Anonymous said...

You really come home?
I thought you would find another opportunity there and stay longer than your original internship.
I'm glad to see you soon :)